Olmaji/Shepherd Hotel & Lodgings

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  • Olmaji/Shepherd Hotel & Lodgings
  • Olmaji/Shepherd Hotel & Lodgings
Ksh 700/night

Olmaji/Shepherd Hotel & Lodgings

Located at: Ormaji Building, Narok North in Narok County.

This lodges are found in the heart of Narok Town opposite Tropical Fashions. We offer a serene environment to spend .your night as per your preference. We have hot-shower bathrooms and this place is very clean. Our premises are also very secure.

Property category: Lodge

Uploaded on: 2019-11-08

Contact the caretaker

Name: Mark Narankaik

Characteristics of Olmaji/Shepherd Hotel & Lodgings

  • Water is available in this place so you won't have a problem with your laundry, washing, cooking, drinking, etc. But kindly ask whether the water available is fit for human consumption.
  • Mains electricity is available here. You can run your electronic appliances without a problem but you might pay for your electricity usage bills seperately.
  • This Lodge property is secured with either a security guard, CCTV or a fence. Please inquire more about security from the caretaker.
  • Property category: Lodge, uploaded on: 2019-11-28 12:26:42
  • Payment of Ksh 700 is done per night.

Contact Mark Narankaik


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